Out of the Shadows…

It has been a year since I started Orchid’s Lantern, so i guess it’s about time I wrote an ‘about’ page! The reason i left it so long is that I wanted this to be an ego-less project with no face or name, only the words to speak for themselves. I am quite shy about my work, and having an anonymous platform has kept the creative flow going more consistently than it otherwise may have.

However, I have met some wonderful people here on WordPress; people I am comfortable calling friends. I’ve had some overwhelming feedback, and have read some outstanding and inspiring posts. I feel encouraged, and ready to make this a little more personal. Besides, if I ever get my first novel finished I will have to come out of the shadows just a little bit…

So here it is. It’s brief, but if you ever wanted to know who is behind Orchid’s Lantern you will find an answer.

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  1. How funny..I just made another (probably useless) Twitter account for blog promotion, couldn’t find too many of my friends/family on there, but at least I’m following you, who I’m already following on WordPress and whose Twitter account, like mine, is pretty much just to direct people to WP. What the hell is Twitter for again?

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      1. I don’t expect much out of it, either, but the last time I had a twitter account for literally 5 minutes and that was long enough to remind one old friend of my blog and for Maryellen to mock me for joining Twitter.

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  2. Hi Caroline! Well done for stepping out of the shadows 🙂 Like you I’ve met some lovely people on WordPress in my short time here and also like you, I’ve found Twitter to be near useless in bringing people to my site. I’ve got 1,000 followers on Twitter and get 2 click-throughs if I’m lucky. Bah, their loss 🙂

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  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your about page. For me, the about page has felt like an impossible task … I’m never satisfied with what I write there. Good job on yours.

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  4. Nice to meet you, Caroline! I am so happy to learn a little more about you! And my thoughts on Twitter are: it is most useful for watching cat videos and venting frustration about Donny and his merrily disturbed men. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  5. You know, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious 😉 Can I just say you do a fantastic job of keeping your ego out of it? Up to this point I wasn’t sure if you were a man or a woman, a teen or an adult. You write as though stepping into someone else’s body and guiding their hand across the page. You’ve absolutely mastered versatility and diversity.
    Still it’s nice to finally put a name and a face behind the genius. Curious, how as one blogger steps out of the shadows another steps further in. The world finds a way to balance itself out, I suppose.

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    1. I’m so glad you feel that way. In my humble opinion, a writer’s gender, race, age – none of that should matter to their readers. The work should speak for itself. Maybe that is just my introversion speaking…

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