Everything and Nothing

Some people find comfort only in the most complex of situations. They will try to engineer the circumstances under which they believe meaning to arise; often destroying their relationships with others and leaving an ugly trash pile of rejected consequences in their wake.   

Life really is much simpler than that. Meaning has never been something to hunt down, for it is everywhere, all of the time. It cannot be detected using instruments and tools and mathematical formulae; what they create for us is at best a map. But meaning can be experienced through the senses, and they are our best shot at being one with the territory. 

Of course, meaning itself is a man made concept. It is not absolute. Repeat the word ‘meaning’ enough times and it loses all… meaning. And therein lies the trick. Surrender yourself to your senses, to the here and now, and you will soon find that meaning is in fact meaningless. Furthermore you will laugh at yourself for ever thinking otherwise. 

Everything and nothing, wisdom and folly: they’re all the same.

9 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing

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  1. Holy cow…not only did you manage to sum up life’s significance in 3 1/2 paragraphs, but moments before I read this, I had just finished a post saying the exact same thing in far too many words. Perhaps Jung’s ideas on synchronicity were more profound than I had given them credit!

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    1. Okay, that can’t be a coincidence. Wow, this almost makes me second-guess the whole meaningless thing! Although I suppose meaning and synchronicity aren’t necessarily synonymous…

      Fantastic piece; you’ve captured a certain poetic zen my rather crass equivalent fails to touch. Bravo!

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