Abstract Art Painting

My mate Jerry is off on a fast-paced wild goose chase with his mind. Seriously man, he’s really going for it this time, grappling with any scrap of information he comes across like its a key to the holy grail. I’m just sat over here on the hill having a smoke, watching him dig deeper underground and burn out all that crazy energy. It’s quite entertaining to be honest, and it’ll pass the time ‘til Sheila comes round later. I’ll have a bath before then probably, if there’s any hot water, and maybe have a tidy round the flat. I’m gonna cook for her: pasta and cheese. I don’t cook for just anyone mind, but I reckon she’s worth more than a packet of 10p noodles, you know? She’s used to being wined and dined, and her Dad’s in the Air Force, so I’ll have to make a bit of an effort or I don’t fancy my chances of seeing her again.

Jerry thinks I’m an imbecile I reckon. He doesn’t get that I’m content living off the dole, getting up at noon, watching some TV and burning through my smokes. I have mates, I have a laugh. I’m a ton more chilled out than he is. ‘Don’t you want to know the deeper meaning of life?’ He asks me. Honestly mate, what for? How are you ever gonna know you’ve hit The Big Meaning? We can’t understand that shit, none of us, so it’s not worth getting all stressed out over. It’s hilarious, really. All these folks buzzing around acting like they’re gods and the world was created just for them. Well listen up, man. Every last one of us is going to die someday, and that’ll be the end of that. I’m gonna get my 80 years same as you, assuming I don’t get into some kind of scrape before then but that’s coming for you just the same. Meaning or not, you ain’t gonna see that bus coming, and you ain’t gonna stop it.


This is part of my novel warm-up, in which I try writing snippets from the perspectives of minor characters. I find it helps in getting to know them and their motivations, and it’s a lot of fun!


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    1. Thank you, that’s great to hear. This snippet won’t actually form part of the book, it was an attempt to capture the essence of one of the minor characters so I could understand those around my main character a bit better. It’s very slow progress, I’m desperate to get it finished but it has to be just right ☺

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      1. I was wondering that myself; about whether or not this was part of the book. That’s a neat idea to help put your protagonist into perspective. By using other people’s POVs you can pinpoint what sets them apart and really narrow down on their character traits.

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