A Chaotic Mind


My notebook has notebooks inside it!

A chaotic notebook has unfortunately led to a chaotic mind, and last week I had to take some time out from my writing projects to put everything into some semblance of order. I could really do with one of those meta-grids I imagined in Bottled Up… Anyway, I have now devised a set of symbols to help me find things more easily in my journals without losing the spontaneity of mixing up inspiring quotes with research, plotting, prose, and general thoughts about life. I have lists, spreadsheets and trackers; and a (slightly) less cluttered piece of consciousness.

So, as you know, Fragments of Perception has been released into the world. A big thank you to everyone who has bought it so far! I do have a favour to ask: if you have read the book, would you consider posting a short review on Amazon and/or Goodreads? It would mean a lot to me. Alternatively, if you are a book blogger, perhaps you would write a review here on WordPress?

The road to indie publishing has been interesting and challenging: I have loved every minute of it. I know more than ever that this is the path I wish to take, and am excited to now be working on the next book. Right now I’m busy researching subjects as far-ranging as the mid-Atlantic ridge, Greek mythology, and VR therapy. I’m also writing for an anthology, and throwing around some ideas for a collaborative project. All of this inevitably steals from what used to be blogging time, but the truth is I need to keep writing flash fiction to release those smaller, short-term creative echoes. It may be a juggling act, but I fully intend to keep posting new content and I won’t keep you hanging for the next instalment of The Holly King’s Apprentice much longer!

One more thing: this week I will be doing an interview about Fragments of Perception for an online author’s site, and I thought it might be fun to do one here too. If anyone has any questions for me about the stories, process, forthcoming work or even me as an author, please pop them in the comments or email me at orchidslantern@gmail.com and, providing there is enough interest, I will compile them into a special post in the next week or so.

Thanks everyone!


Fragments of Perception and Other Stories is available in paperback and ebook now! For a synopsis and purchasing options, please visit my Books page.

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  1. Wow. Open season on a author. How cool is that? The first thing I want to say is “Scrivener”. I am mot a shill for them, don’t get paid, don’t care. But if it’s more than one scene long? No way for me without it. Journals are handy, can’t use them without a place for a pen and pad. If I have my phone it works like my old microcassette. So, enough.

    Fragments of Perception, as a title. While the content is not episodic, it is thematic as most stories involve an experiential or borderline academic form of self awareness. Regardless of the literary form the antagonist takes, the stories all involve some sort of, for lack of a better word, “education” for the protagonist. Whether it’s resolution or simple awareness of another point of view, all involved between the covers of this title are enlightened by their experience(s). Was the title deliberate? And if so did it develop with the content, was it a “finish it first and then we’ll name it” or was it conceptual all along?

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    1. Oh, I use Scrivener aswell, I wouldn’t be without it for actually writing structured stories. I have it on PC and ipad so thanks to Dropbox everything comes with me, gets backed up and synced. The journal still has its uses for me though, along with the memo pad in my phone. I can’t seem to get along with putting ‘note taking’ and ‘prose that has no place yet’ into Scrivener, and I’ve had a little black journal on my person for as long as I can remember ☺

      Thanks for your question!

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      1. I have a Sciv folder full of cutting room casualties. I think I could assemble them, assign new names and release it as The Stream of Consciousness Dialogues” No? You’re right. But Scriv is still a great place for odds and endsbecuase you don;t have to look very far for those “Hey, where’d that restaurant scene with the Valley Girl go? I have a home for that” moments.

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  2. Yep for my writing I use Google docs. It allows me to work from anywhere with an internet connection and without if I save in advance and on any device.

    As for organizing ideas I usually just make a new document for each. Also I make three docs every time I write a story. The first Is for the actual story, the second for loose ends that come up, the third to store ideas that don’t fit in this story but are great for one later.

    Congratulations on all your publishing success so far.

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    1. That sounds like a good method. For structured story writing I wouldn’t be without Scrivener. I have it on my PC and ipad so it comes everywhere with me, and thanks to Dropbox, is always backed up and synced. The journal is more for random note-taking, thoughts and ideas, for which I doubt I’ll ever replace a little black book and a Bic medium 😁


    1. Oh believe me, I’m a write it as I think it writer too. That’s precisely why I end up with scraps of notes everywhere that need sorting through now and again so I don’t lose anything important ☺


    1. That’s the way I work with my blog posts too, although I’m not sure I could manage three serials at once! My current one, The Holly King’s Apprentice, is coming out very organically. The longer stories I’m working on outside of wordpress are calling for a bit more structural planning and research, so I’m trying to find a balance that works.


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