Do you ever feel as though you are looking directly at something, but it is just beyond your perception? An eldritch presence that you can sense through intuition and the hairs on your arms…

That is how I felt at the location of this photograph.

When I looked at it later, I saw a face in the bark of the tree left of centre. Then I saw two more in the same tree. Then I saw the outline of a figure by the tree on the far right hand side that looked ghostly or made of rock. Then I saw two or three shadows of people in the centre peering between the two trees. Each figure I saw felt more creepy than the last, because it had remained hidden for longer and therefore presented itself to me as more tricky and sinister.

This is the Pareidolia effect, which interests me so much I made a whole series of paintings to explore it.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the man in the moon, the moon rabbit, and hidden messages within recorded music played in reverse or at high- or lower-than normal speeds

It is the brain searching for something familiar in the obscure. In this case, probably searching for something remotely sensible to which I could ascribe this feeling of oddness and otherworld. Eerie the thought that there are not only things that are unknown to us, but also things that are unknowable.


Hanging on the edge
Of contact with the
It is the strangeness
That pulls you in
Not the phenomenon itself
But the eldritch aura it emits
It reels you in
The more you stare
The more it reels

To shake it off
Simply reaffirm
Your deep-seated belief
Of what is possible

To open unto it
Is to witness a thing
That will change you
You may forget it

(of course)
Due to its
Inherent oddity
That has no place
In a human mind

Allow yourself

To treasure

The peculiar


Allow yourself
To become fearful
And it will

Consume you



I had a dream last night
that you were alive again
Your smile danced in the sunlight
And you didn’t have a care in the world

Just like those photos
You used to pin to your walls
How can you feel down
You’d say
When all you can see is smiles
But you were sad all along

We caught a train last night
Travelling fast through meadows
A second chance to share life

An inspector came
To check our tickets to ride
I fumbled around in my bag
And when I looked up
You were gone

You jumped last night
I know that you did
Though they said they would find you
They never ever could



Please don’t ask me if I’m ok
I appreciate your concern
It’s just that
It’s a complicated question

If you see me
With a faraway look in my eyes
Or a frown on my face
I am swimming deeper
Than most dare to go

But I know these waters
And I navigate well
Don’t fear for
I’ll be back soon
And I will bring treasure



I am in love with the idea of the eternal
I feel
It lies beneath the symbols
Upon dimensions of raw energy
Electric blue
Passion and pain in infinite embrace

An imprint of delusion
I feel
Ever forms a barrier
I pretend it is already dead
But it is only buried
Among the mountains

I walk with bare feet across the stones
I feel
And through the pouring rain
Searching through meta-analysis
And the lion’s mouth
To find my forever



Writing is where I settle and ignite.
I wander.
But when I get back home to Writing
The thoughts that mutate and strangle me
No longer seem so wild
They are captured, rationalised
I feel closer to earth

Yet Writing is also where I can dream
Definite dreams
Bring distant ideas to the forefront
To consciousness
And let them live
In poems without rules
Caught between melancholy and expansion.

Lanterns, they are


It is the morning after
The dark night of the soul
Another orbit is complete
And sight has returned
Stronger now
All is projected outwards
All is reflected inwards
And lanterns they are

Powerful friendships showing themselves to me one by one.
Strength built from mutual respect and separate but shared inspiration.
Shapes that overlap but are ever in flux…

I adore unique people with ideas and passion. I will always forgive them for not pandering to me, pitying me or wallowing with me when I throw myself into the mouth of the shadow. Such is my art and my work. I love that they live their own lives and their light continues to shine whether I am there to see it or not. I love that they accept my movements in and out of their circles. They turn around on the dance floor to find me gone: they shrug and maintain the flow and the smile, not out of lack of care but out of utter acceptance. They look up from their sketchbooks and notepads and keyboards weeks later to see me back from my pit of depression and despair, and they continue the conversation as though it were never broken.

And I feel that it is ok to be among the blackness, because when I emerge my lanterns will be there.



At odds with one another
We strive to get even
A little piece of meaning
We can call our own



Exploring a different land will make us real eyes
All we need to do is breathe…
But look at the time!
We can observe the echoes before a word is uttered!
God was right under our neuroses all along!

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