Mixtape: Something I Should Know

Apoptygma Berzerk – Something I Should Know – 1st November 2002

Got a feeling deep inside

That you know something I should know

I know that something isn’t right

Coz I hold secrets too and you know


I’m on a bus ride home. It is dark, rainy and windy outside.


An hours’ journey ahead when I’d rather just be home.


The usual crowd get on the bus after a day at work. I recognise many but speak to none: there is an unconscious code for commuters by which we never speak. We all look equally as miserable and desperate. Dishevelled. There’s a man about my age who has a familiarity to him. He looks smart in his suit, yet somehow dwarfed like the world of business is eating him right up. I sometimes think I would like to talk to him – I can hear from his earphones that he has alternative music taste like me. He keeps his eyes down, playing snake on his Nokia. I wonder if we could have been friends or maybe more if we had met under circumstances other than the shared rat-race transporter. Then there is the woman with the Armani handbag, which is either a fake or she has spent all her money on one item and has to make do with supermarket basics for the rest. There is the woman with the perm – she looks pretty drenched and is out of breath today – and the man who only gets the bus on a Friday, and calls his wife as we set off to let her know he will be on time or late. Continue reading “Mixtape: Something I Should Know”

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