Like Osiris

How do I write you?

Your essence is somewhere

between the scribbled words

on the mountains

of screwed up paper sheets

in which I nest.

Are you a jigsaw?

I try a word from one attempt

with a sentence from another

to draft a new layout,

an alternative frame;

but still I can’t complete you.

Like Osiris, you are in fragments.

3 thoughts on “Like Osiris

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  1. I’ve often found myself wishing people could be as simple and easy to understand as the characters I read and write about. But perhaps the beauty is in the mess, in the complexity and the indescribable wholeness of their being.

    I really like this painting- trying out some brighter colours, are we? I also noticed the poem has thirteen lines- was that an intentional nod at the amount of pieces Osiris supposedly consisted of when put back together?

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    1. This painting is actually an older one, I don’t use so many bright colours these days. No, the thirteen lines weren’t purposefully the number of pieces, but if that is correct then it was a happy accident!

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