You dragged me from the water for the third time that day with a look of determination on your face. A look which seemed to be new, even to you. This whole charade was driving you into uncharted territories; testing your endurance. I slumped myself down next to a rock, feeling nothing but raw. My senses were protesting at the stimulation they were expected to process. Not this again. The world was an inconvenience. I was sick from the things I once loved. We were way beyond reassurances by then, and there were no more words you could say to me. So instead you paced back and forth with your hands in your hair and your eyes to the sky.

What happens when things have fallen apart about as far as they ever could? Entropy take me.

Then you gathered a bunch of sticks, much faster than I could comprehend, and right there in front of me you started a fire. My tired eyes were some way comforted by the sight of colour, my worn and crumbled body warmed by the flame. In the crackle of the wood I heard you promise that you would find me a desert in which to dwell if that is what it would take to keep me from the waters edge.

We sat there for some hours in silence: I as a pile of stones and you as a boat. I fell asleep, and you took me home.

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    1. Thank you, it’s good to know it evoked some emotion for you. Sometimes I’m so tied up with my own work it’s difficult to know for sure what sort of an impact it might have on someone else 🙂

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  1. I looked up psychological fiction as a genre. In the mid century it refers to Hitchcock type dramas, or thrillers like Cape Fear. But I think your writing fits into an as yet discovered psychological fiction. Maybe psych-fiction.

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    1. Thanks Pablo, that’s really helpful. There’s a psychological fiction section on Amazon but it’s mainly thrillers from what I can see. There’s an existing genre called metaphysical/visionary which kind of fits. So far I’ve just been saying it’s speculative fiction to anyone who asks.

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