The Passage

by Uloma Ofole

In a season

a reaping season,

                              I harvest

in an angry wind-

                            a full harvest

of tears in my cup

 on a field

 a boundless field

                               I ride

with a familiar stranger-

                               a silent ride

 with my broken heart

to a feast

 a wedding feast

                               I dance

with a dying groom-

                               a slow dance

 to my lover’s death

 at dinner with the living dead-

                              a tasteless dinner

at my funeral.

Uloma Ofole is drawn to poetry that celebrates nature, humanity, and diversity including justice and fairness.

She is inspired by her immediate environment and focuses on the beauty of nature and the vulnerability of humanity to express her thoughts and views. Uloma spent over ten years working with the underprivileged in HIV/AIDs and vulnerable children projects. She lives in Nigeria with her husband and two beautiful teenage daughters. When she is not writing, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and soap making.

Twitter: @OfoleUloma

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