Mind in the Gap – Connections and Easter Eggs Thread

Find a thread.

Pull it.

See how many dimensions unravel.

We all need a bit of chaos.


Mind in the Gap is full of connections, possible causal relationships between stories, and Easter eggs. This page is the beginning of a thread for sharing what you’ve found. Put a note in the comments whenever you have something (or Tweet me, send me a message on Facebook, or relay via the stars), and I’ll start compiling a list under the spoiler alert below. I’ll keep adding to it myself to give hints, too!








  • Uncle Billy appears in both The Predominator and Chapel Perilous. (Gavin)
  • In Chapel Perilous, Uncle Billy has designed a robotic insect which appears in Mapmakers, though they are being used for a purpose he had decided was off the table. (Gavin)
  • A newspaper article in Baily’s Beads mentions a time when some people tried to open up a black hole in the back room of a pub. That event is then described from the inside during the trippy middle section of The Fold. (Cy)
  • More of a theory than a connection, but I think the virus in The Fold is what has wiped everyone out in The Last Man. (Cy)
  • Squids appear in both The Fold and Frankie. In The Fold, squids are a representation of Demari the ‘sea monster’ living in the back of Aaron’s mind, and in Frankie they are a piece of tech with which the mental can be made physical. (Alexandra)
  • M Theory is a Theory of Everything. M is everything and also nothing. (Cy)
  • In Mapmakers, Nav starts to notice the number 23 everywhere. The book itself is littered with it too: 2 and 3, 23, 0.23, 23rd, 2.3… (Pete)
  • The Ready? and Ready! at the beginning and end of the book are part of a conversation between M and Zane that starts at the end of The Last Man and is recalled by ZXXX84 in The Predominator. (Josh)
  • In The Fold there is a memory stick containing all the data in the world that is used to open the black hole. In The Last Man, M gives Zane a memory stick to reboot the world. I think it’s the same memory stick. In VI, M refers to someone having taken a copy of her – I think that’s the memory stick too because she is everything. (Anon)
  • ZXXX84 is Zane. All the other named androids in The Predominator have the same format. Who are they? (Hint from C.R.)

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  1. Hi, trying to ‘Like’ pages, but doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I have contacted WordPress as it’s reoccurring.
    Just picture my little image along with the rest!
    Squid! Space squid, origami squid, ‘Head’ squid device – what’s with the squid?! (See I used a whatchamabang there)

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    1. So sorry, I only just found this comment in my spam! You’re right: squid appears in both The Fold and Frankie.

      In The Fold, Demari is the ‘sea monster ‘ Aaron fears, always lurking in the back of his mind. We also know that Demari can move into other minds and other realities…

      In Frankie, Squid is a piece of tech that reads mental signals and converts them into projected visuals. We never really know who invented it or why, because it isn’t the focus of the story, but we learn that it can be used to create something material from something mental.

      SQUID is also a real-life bit of tech – a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device used to detect minute changes in electromagnetic fields.


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